The Team

Get to Know Us


Jack Pegrum-Haram

CEO & Co-Founder

Future Spark's adventure began with our co-founder Jack P. Haram in 2014. Passionate about business and modernisation. Jack has relentlessly fought for Future Spark's place on the map as innovators of education. Get in touch to learn more.


Daniel Eikehaugen Solbakk

Co-Founder & COO

We trust Daniel Solbakk with all of our software needs. Eager and curious, Daniel Solbakk proves there is no challenge too big to tackle head-on. From business development to digital solutions, you want this forward-thinking innovator in your corner.


Charlotte Bryan

Communications Administrator

Our most recent addition to the team is our creative thinker, Charlotte Bryan. Charlotte has a Master's degree in English Language and Literature. She keeps the team well-organised 一 with resourcefulness and efficient communication.


Jan Hallvard Larsen

Chairman of the Board

Jan Hallvard has over a decade of experience in team & software project management. Our digital innovation crusader drives the team forward with his guidance and passion for technology.


Our mentors


Åge Westbø

We were able to grow our network through financial backing from Innovasjon Norge (Innovation Norway) and  Åge Westbø.
Åge was instrumental in the founding and running of one of Europe’s most successful hedge funds, Skagen. Our respected mentor provides us with experienced and essential entrepreneurial guidance.


Silje Natland

Silje Natland pushes the team to think outside the box in every venture and to keep it creative for young people. As a dedicated artistic adventurer and the creator of the magical garden Bakkeland, the home of Future Spark's offices, her innovative artistic flair provides the team with constant inspiration and appreciation for creative ingenuity.


Hans Kristian Haram

Our first and one of the most crucial supporters of Future Spark’s vision was 
Hans Kristian Haram 一 a known figure in the Norwegian shipping industry, and the Managing Partner of Flowchange. Hans was a crucial figure in the early stages. 
He understood Future Spark’s mission and helped them get their entrepreneurial foot through the door.