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Our latest Release 1.11.0

30th January, 2020

Our latest Release 1.11.0 is now live! Tailor your organisation's competitions with our new Editable Leaderboard.

Editable Leaderboard
Organisation and platform administrators are now able to edit their respective leaderboards as wanted. This relates only to the information displayed on the leaderboard page, not the leaderboard “top 10” itself. Visit your leaderboard page while logged in as an admin account and click the “edit” button in the top right corner to try it out. PS: Any changes you make will also be visible to any visitors of your leaderboard page.

JA Europe Custom Competitions 
On JA Marketplace, JA Europe have introduced two custom competitions onto the JA Europe layer of the Marketplace. They will be tallying up points from the leaderboard within set dates. You can see them by visiting the JA Europe leaderboard page and filter by the competition’s name

Main Language
Our platforms now remember a visitors “main language” and displays that language for them wherever they go on the platform. The visitor inherits the main language from the first organization they visit on the platform. Say a visitor directly enters an organisation’s layer, since “English” is that organisation’s main language on the platform, every organization the visitor visits that also has enabled “English” as a language would show “English” to the user. This means that even if a different organisation’s main language is “German”, as long as they have “English” as an additional language, the aforementioned visitor would automatically see their layer translated in “English”.
You are able to set your organization’s languages on the admin panel’s settings page.

Custom Cookie Banner
The cookie banner is now customisable. An organization admin can set the link displayed on the cookie banner in their admin panel’s settings page. They can change the text by visiting the language-editor.