When Sparks Fly

A startup's journey... so far

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Future Spark was founded by two young but determined entrepreneurs.  We began our journey as student entrepreneurs as a part of a student company programme for young people at school. After experiencing first-hand at an early age, what entrepreneurial education can achieve, we came to share a passion for equipping young people with the right skills to succeed in life. 



Growing up, Jack faced countless challenges with traditional schooling due to his dyslexia. He longed to take charge of his education. When the opportunity arose, he joined the Norwegian Junior Achievement programme. For the first time, he experienced the power of teamwork and hands-on learning and he was able to flourish as the experience inspired him immensely. And whilst gaining critical experience problem-solving, building a monumental work ethic and working as part of a team 一 he discovered his strengths as a communicator.


Daniel had taken a different path with his education. Coming out of university 一 he longed to work in a similar field as his studies. He had completed a degree working with IT and was passionate about online gamification. But like so many others, his experience at university had not prepared him for the current workforce. Eager to cut out his own professional path, Daniel envisioned a career where he could help others who like himself, wanted education to show young people the way to take charge of their entrepreneurial dreams.


Finding our mission

Together, they realised that because of their experiences, they shared a vision of re-inventing education in a modern, innovative way.

With Daniel's specialised knowledge of gamification and Jack’s strength in communication, the founders combined their skill sets and visions to begin crafting their e-learning platform for student companies. Future Spark has always believed that by building this platform, young people would have access to an advanced tool to harness hands-on digital learning. A relevant and modern e-learning platform for student companies to help students learn essential digital work skills would strengthen young entrepreneurs of today. Together, they saw a perfect opportunity to help young people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams by becoming the driving force in digital education

And so forth, Future Spark’s mission was established: 


“We will be the frontier of future generation’s digital education”

Future Spark