We have a new launch coming soon

24th March, 2020

We are re-launching our platform My Student Company, an e-learning platform for young people between ages 13 to 18 who wish to learn hands on about entrepreneurship. We will be taking the platform in a new direction. We are scaling up the platform globally and creating digital hub where anyone and everyone can join us in inspiring the future generations!


Our launch will start in Norway, from there we will scale up in the UK and Scandinavia. But we won't stop there, we are planning to go global!

Watch this space for more updates coming soon on how you can register or work with My Student Company and start your entrepreneurial journey!

To find out a little more about the platform, keep reading...


… learn, inspire, connect and grow with each other in our safeguarded digital playing field.


A fundamental part of growing up and learning in a hyper connected world is through digital tools. Gen Z love to be part of a thriving community where they feel nourished whilst developing their skills in a relevant space. We at Future Spark embrace the digital world. We are here to change the status quo.

We know that every young person experiences a form of entrepreneurship as a part of growing up. Whether it be from mowing your neighbour’s lawn to saving some pocket money. These are all relatable experiences of every entrepreneurial journey. However research has shown that there is a lack of economic understanding amongst young people. As we see it the problem is there is a lack of accessible and relevant digital educational tools in the vast field of entrepreneurship. 


Our safeguarded digital playground provides young entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn by doing.  The platform offers experience in fundamental areas of entrepreneurship such as conducting e-commerce, marketing and competing with other young entrepreneurs in their community.