the My Student Company Platform...

… learn, inspire, connect and grow with each other in our safeguarded digital playground.

Technology at School

Taking your first digital steps

Our safeguarded digital playground provides young entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn by doing.  Young people are encouraged to grow and develop their digital entrepreneurship skills by navigating a simulated experience of running their own business — whilst under the safety of Mum, Dad or a guardian. The platform offers experience in fundamental areas of entrepreneurship such as conducting e-commerce, marketing and competing with other young entrepreneurs in their community.



Market & sell

Young entrepreneurs are able to learn through selling and marketing products or services online individually or as a group, through their own “company” profile page. While doing so, they can learn about the important factors and responsibilities of conducting e-commerce.


 Learn about marketing from an entrepreneurial network by seeing each other’s updates and experiences. Showcase and monitor your company, team members or products. Or alternatively, find other like-minded entrepreneurs either in your local area, on a county-level or nationally.


Above all, we consider one of the most important factors for young entrepreneurs on any platform is that they are safe. Our platform provides the safeguarding tools needed to secure the young entrepreneur’s activity, whilst they spread their entrepreneurial wings.


Learn Do Achieve

Young entrepreneurs are able to take control of their learning by accessing learning materials and completing set tasks. The learning materials, tasks and competitions can be set by any supporter of the platform and act as an educational resource for young entrepreneurs. In doing so, supporters who provide educational resources or set their own specific tasks are also presented with ample marketing opportunities. By studying the learning materials and carrying out the tasks the young entrepreneurs are empowered as they gain a tangible sense of achievement.

Achieve and Compete

Our competition system encourages young entrepreneurs to actively engage in the platform by rewarding their actions with an overall average of activity points. The more active they are and succeed — or rather, the more they engage with their entrepreneurial tasks on the platform, the higher their score; the bigger their triumph. The most active and successful entrepreneurs are showcased at the top. Competitions can also be customised on the platform and can be based on any theme determined by a partner.


Customers and Values

We believe the success of the platform lies with its appeal with what we have defined as the key preferences for Generation Z when it comes to digital solutions.

Generation Z prefers:  

  • Purpose - over profit

  • Networks - over hierarchy

  • Empowerment - over control

  • Experimentation - over careful planning

  • Transparency - over privacy

Our core values are and have been since the beginning: sincerity, creativity, passion, curiosity and empathy. Future Spark applies its core values to every endeavour including our platforms.

Gen z.png

Every young person experiences a form of entrepreneurship as a part of growing up. Whether it be from mowing your neighbour’s lawn to saving some pocket money — even more prevalent today, young people are proven pros at boosting their social media presence to expand a network. These are all relateable experiences of every entrepreneurial journey. 

As we see it, young people deserve a digital space where they can explore and continue on this journey. Our platform is designed for young entrepreneurs who wish to take their everyday experiences in entrepreneurship and learn, inspire, connect and grow with each other in our safeguarded digital playground.