JA Marketplace

JA Marketplace is tailored to students in the JA student company programme who desire an educational yet fun experience whilst conducting e-commerce, marketing and competitions. Our gamified e-learning platform provides an exciting, hands-on experience for the JA student’s companies.

The Marketplace is built to be flexible and moldable. We continually improve upon it to provide better administrative tools, user experiences and e-learning. Future Spark has always believed that by building this platform, young people would have access to an advanced tool to harness hands-on digital learning. We want this platform to be a hub for entrepreneurial digital education. Thereby, inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy.

Each JA organisation has access and control of their own “layer” on the platform. This layer acts as each organisation’s homepage. A JA organisation “layer” contains the information of that one specific JA organisation. There is also an international “Global” layer where all JA students companies can be displayed from across the globe.



What can you do

Student Companies

Company Profile
JA student companies are able to create their own company profile page. The profile page offers student companies the chance to upload their logo, cover image, a company description, links to social media pages, team members, products and new posts and more. The profile also includes a “heart” (like) button, “share to social media” buttons and email button. 

Companies Page
The platform features all student companies on the “Companies” page. On this page, it displays all the published companies who have created profiles. Visitors can view local, regional, national and international companies.


Product Profile & Shopping Cart
Students also have a product profile page for every product they showcase on the platform. They can upload the name, description, price, category and product pictures. On this page, a shopper is able to select the category, amount and click “add to shopping cart”. From there, shoppers are taken through the platform’s purchasing a product process.

Products Page
Here you can view all of the exciting student company products. You can view locally, regionally, nationally or internationally made products. On this page, students can learn from each other how to market, be inspired or purchase a product. 


Our gamification feature, the Leaderboard,  is a fun way to compare progress whilst competing with other student companies. The Leaderboard tallies the student companies in a point system based on hearts (likes), social media shares, profile views and sales. The Leaderboard displays the top 10 student companies and you are also be able to filter the leaderboard by region, nationally or internationally. 


The news page shows all the news posts made by student companies. The news page is used as a communication and marketing tool for student companies. For instance, students can use the news page to promote new product lines, logos or events they have attended or simply tell visitors about their experiences. JA organisation administrators can also post a “featured post” on their organisation’s “layer” homepage. 

Admin Panel

JA organisations have an overview of and can administer their own students as well as their companies. The admin panel ensures a safe e-commerce environment. Also allowing JA organisations to customise, monitor and support their page in all aspects of the platform.

Mentor/teacher account

In a nutshell, the mentor account feature lets the student companies invite their mentors and teachers to join their online journey. We aim to facilitate better communication between the JA organization, their students and the mentors. The mentors are able to have an overview and support orders for their companies, they are able to edit and help create the company’s profiles with or for them.

Step by Step Tutorial

Student companies and organisation administrators are able to access a tutorial option which takes them through the platform’s features step by step.

Social Media

Many student companies use Instagram consistently as part of their marketing strategy. With the Instagram feature, students can connect their Instagram business account and showcase their pictures and posts on their company profile. Student companies can also share their company profiles on their social media via the platform.


For for more info

For more information on how to navigate or trial the platform, there are a couple of ways for you to find out more. Future Spark can provide a meeting with one of our team to go through the platform in more detail. Also, on request, we can also provide "How to Use" guides for the different features available. Please contact us at