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A Letter from the Future Spark Team

Dear reader.

The rise of digital learning in education is becoming more established, and we at Future Spark want to utilize and push forward this momentum. We are the biggest supporters of relevant, innovative and hands-on education. We are determined to give young people the fundamental opportunity to work together to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. 

As we continue to grow and as we look back over our five-year journey, we can see for ourselves how far we have come to achieve our goals. That is, from two youths dreaming of their future as entrepreneurs of education to an organisation on the brink of becoming part of the driving frontier of digital education. More than ever we believe in the power of working together to provide a better future for young people. As we embark on the next phase of our entrepreneurial journey, we are ready to spark the future with you!

We are ready to continue scaling up our team. We are ready to go global!. We ask you to join us in our mission of giving young people around the world the tools to create innovative business opportunities, determine their economic future and shape the employment climate.

Because together, we can ignite the individual’s creative power.

Thank you for reading. 

The Future Spark Team