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23rd November 2020

Before the pandemic, my day would begin getting up at the crack of dawn, followed by a mad panic to catch the train. If I had time, I might pick up a coffee. I might use the time to check my emails during my commute. I would enjoy watching the scenery go by whilst I caffeinated and the quiet hum of the train as tired, fellow commuters packed themselves in for their journey.

Nowadays, myself and the Future Spark team, get up, boil our kettles and sit at our workspace at home - surrounded by the clutter of our desks opposed to the clutter of other commuters.

The day at the office used to begin with further caffeination and catching up with colleagues. Eventually, starting on what tasks the day holds ahead. Being a small startup, it's always been easy for us to talk with one another quite quickly and therefore tackle any hurdle that comes our way, quicker than most.

However, the pandemic brought to light some challenges. What's the best way to delegate last minute tasks or monitor long term progress? Or even, how can we communicate as regularly as we did before? We had in place online programmes to help us with scheduling beforehand but now they have become integral to running of the company. (They also integral to our colleague catchup chats.) Our weekly Monday Meetings are now an the most important part of our operating. Once a week, the Future Spark team discuss both each individual's and the team's overall progress. We work together to delegate tasks and debate the best strategies going forward. 

Monday Meetings would not be possible if we didn't have access to online resources such as Slack or our management programme, Monday.com. Both programmes allow us to communicate efficiently and effectively, reducing not only some of our costs, but the time we need to get the job done! 

So reader, if you're working from home, I put the question to you - has working from home become your new normal? How have your monday meetings or team meetings changed? We'd love to know how other people working from home use online tools to make their working lives easier :)